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Originally Posted by CS View Post
The odds of winning the Stanley Cup in the modern era of hockey is just over 3%.

Which means...winning 3 Cups in every hundred years. We're at 2 in 45 years putting us nearly halfway beyond 4%.

Since you're expected to win 3 Cups every hundred years, you're expected to go to 6 Finals in that same time frame, so just under 7%. We've gone to 8 in that time frame putting us just under 18%.
You're assuming every team has the same chance of pulling out a Cup win which just isn't true. It completely ignores the reality of things. The reality being that teams aren't created equal.

Don't know why you're including the two wins in your analysis either aside from it making your argument look better. This is about winning a Cup since that time (which they haven't done).

Fact of the matter is that the Flyers never have financial difficulties which already puts them on top of some teams. They've been around longer then 66 percent of the NHL and of the 33 percent or so that have been around as long or longer then the Flyers only St. Louis and Toronto have done as poor a job of actually winning Cups as the Flyers.

EDIT: Also, even if those odds were accurate, which they aren't to be honest, you're stretching that across a time period of 37 seasons. The vast majority of the current teams in the league haven't even been around that long unlike the Flyers. This is the most extreme example, but the Blue Jackets have been around for about a third of that time period.

We're pretty much kicking the odds in that section honestly, and even if we haven't been lucky in the Finals, we're still above the nod on odds of winning it all. That's proof enough we're a "Cup Winning Hockey" team.
Our team isn't promising right now and they haven't won a Cup in 37 seasons which is the 6th longest drought in the NHL. I fail to see how any of that indicates Cup winning hockey because Cup winning hockey, by definition, demands Cup wins.

People ***** around here just to ***** for some reason. Stop complaining. It could be far worse, and even though I want to see us win a Cup as much as anyone, I'm not going to pretend like our legacy isn't impressive as **** despite the lack of a trophy in the last three decades.
Not really. People legitimately criticize because there's stuff to not be happy about. If you don't like legitimate criticism then don't respond or use your block list.

It really couldn't be that much worse if we're talking about winning the Cup. Only way it could be worse, realistically, is if the Flyers didn't win the Cup twice in a row 40 years ago almost. Which, since it was 40 years ago, doesn't have a whole hell lot of an impact on the discussion of today.

Could the team be worse and our history be worse? Certainly. Last I checked though the goal wasn't to make the playoffs every year (in a league where literally more then half the teams make it) or to not be the worst looking team in the league. It's to win the Cup and that's something the Flyers haven't done a good job of since '75.

Most of the teams that have been around as long as the Flyers and a lot that haven't even been around as long have won the Cup since then and most of the rest that haven't haven't been around anywhere near as long. Like I said, there's very few teams that have done as poorly as the Flyers as far as winning the Cup goes since their last win.

For the record, it's a lot closer to four decades then three which is a big difference. Also, like I've said before, purely making the playoffs isn't a big accomplishment in a league like the NHL where historically the league has been relatively small and/or allow for a majority of the teams to make the playoffs. Especially for a team that has financial and fan support like the Flyers.

Putting out a winning team year-in and year-out is nice and fun to watch and impressive from the standpoint of competitiveness but that's not the goal. A Cup win is.

Luck plays a large factor in winning it all. The most you can ask for is a team that gives you a shot every year. The rest is up to the roll of the die.
Assuming luck plays a large role then couldn't someone, hypothetically, write off any given season as pure luck? Or the Flyers two Cup wins as pure luck?

Aside from that, you don't see how much it belittles the accomplishment of winning it all by writing it all off as "luck"?

In addition, 37 seasons is a whole hell of a lot of bad luck.

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