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10-01-2013, 04:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
Well both with Frans Nielsen, Mikkel Bødker and Jannik Hansen contracts seems to point to a general trend.
We are OK being paid less than we are worth if we can get longer job security on our beloved team.
So that might make it easier for other Danes to enter the NHL because:
1) We are known to be cheap.
2) We are known to be loyal team-players and want long contracts.
3) We (generally?) don't complain even when playing on lines or pairs more down the system.

So for building a team base, danish players are trending on being every coach dream for starting 3'rd line plugs that can be used everywhere if they pan out.
But with this kind of attitude most danish players certainly have more chance to enter the NHL than a top6 or bust type.
Good observations.

Another thing to consider is that for Danish players on the cusp of making it in the NHL, going home is not really an option. They may consider the KHL or even the DEL or SEL - which would certainly be closer to home - but playing in the Danish league is out of the question unless it's a retirement gig. For most other European NHL'ers, playing in their home country is a legitimate fallback option, if making it to the NHL turns out to to be harder and take longer time than one might have hoped.

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