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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Well that's just it, I believe the breaking points happen in Episode one, when he goes from sad, bored, depressed, underachieving high school chemical teacher, to a Meth cook that develops the purest form of it on the market and also happens to have killed two guys (at least he believes it). You know, you're no longer normal after this happens.
You can say that his family was his priority motive, but I simply disagree.
I can't think of anybody that have their family in mind who would end up doing something completely out of character, hook up with a dealer, cook meth, start selling, and kill people. I think there are ulterior motives that are driving him and that's why no matter how many times he says that he'll quit, he gets back into it.

I always felt that him saying he's doing this for his family is just a reason he convinces himself of for the simple reason of not feeling guilty about what he's done/doing.
Argue all you want, his motives are imbedded in every move he makes. Even as far as the lengths he will go to get his earned money to his family, even after it's clear that his double life is over, and even after his family tells him they have no more use for him (why don't you just die!) . The 737 episode was obvious and put things into context.

I will put this another way in the form of a question, if Walt was a financially secure teacher does the story even have a beginning?

You say you can't think of anybody who could possibly hook up in the meth game and be dedicated to their family, that's a big judgement on your part. I would argue that people who find themselves dying of cancer rarely get into the meth game for thrills and adrenaline. That's what skydiving and Bucket -Lists are for.

In any case I think it's up to the viewer to decide the value of Walt's life and to judge him on his motives. I don't see him as a psychopath.

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