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10-01-2013, 08:35 AM
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People are saying Kreider needs to stop thinking and just follow his instincts. While he probably would be better right now if he did that, I think he's better off trying to play smarter hockey long term.

I mean, the kid is a beast, he's strong as hell, can outskate pretty much anyone, has a sweet shot and not the worst hands. His problem is his lack of hockey sense and his physical dominance has allowed him to be a stud in college in spite of that. He didn't have to play smart in college, he would still dominate.

So in the playoffs in 2012 he did allright keeping things simple and he struggled more last season when he tried to do more. Is that an argument for him returning to doing things simple again?

I don't think so. Hockey sense can be taught, tactical choices can be taught. He can be a much better player over time if given time to develop and fill the holes of his game. I think starting him in Hartford on the first line is the right move. Let him learn and in time bring him up to play in the top nine. Not giving up on the kid anytime soon.

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