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10-01-2013, 09:44 AM
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No problem with either. The NHL is a business, they make the rules and the players either follow or head to Russia. Bryan Berard was going to have a great career and it got cut short because of an accident that MIGHT have been prevented with a visor. Imagine what would happen to the current Kings if Drew Doughty had his career cut short now. They should make cut resistant socks mandatory while they're at it, no reason for players like Karlsson to have their achilles sliced when you can wear a $30 sock-sorry if you think they're uncomfortable. The whole cave man tough guy act is old, these guys are multi-millionaires who are paid by teams for a certain amount of years to perform at a high level-not have their careers cut short because of pride. They fly chartered flights, drive 100 thousand dollar cars, live in mansions, marry women they never would have been able to get without hockey, wear expensive suits and jewelry yet all of the sudden when they hit the ice wearing a visor makes you a wimp or the kevlar socks aren't as comfortable as the socks you've been wearing since you were a kid. C'mon man.

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