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10-01-2013, 10:22 AM
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I am a bit confused on the discussion on Kreider.

Like what is he supposed to do??? What is he too lazy to do? What is he overthinking? What doesn't he get?

-Kreider cannot forecheck

He is not good at it. I reported that a looong time ago. He is not Carl Hagelin. He is 220 lbs, he can go in straight lines and what not, but the forecheck is an art and Kreider is not good at it. I reported this after watching Kreider in the WCH's, he was first put in a typical young kid who is just told to go-role on the lw, but after 2 games his coached pulled him from that role and put him in a 3rd man back position, because Kreider ended up running into the boards 3 seconds after the D had played the puck in the WCH's. He has played a ton of game in the NHL so far, and has never been able to establish a presecense on the forecheck really. A shift here and there maybe, but thats it. He can't do it. Its laughable to think he is lazy and disinterested every time he hits the ice in the NHL. He probably have adrenaline up to his ears at times...

-Kreider cannot protect the puck

He is strong, but protecting the puck is an art. Strength is maybe 5% of it, and he just don't have that ability of a Adam Graves to fight of 10 bumps in the back while parrying 18 stick checks per second while being glued to the puck.

-Kreider shot is not much of an asset

He is shot is powerful, but come on, he is very far from a world class sniper. I've never seen him back away and bomb a puck on the net of a one-timer.

Ok, what can he do? Why did he score around a point per game in college?

-Once every other game, no matter level really, you get a step on a D. Not many D's will skate with Kreider in those situations. This means that he will get like a semi-breakaway once every other game.

-He is shot is heavy and a threat of plays of the rush.

-He is not a stiff when handling the puck.

-He will make the odd play with the puck

I mean, I guess I could be wrong, but the above is how I have described Kreider all along and its what I am seing right now. That is the player he is right now. Fairly ineffective on the forecheck. Not much of a factor on the circle. Not a sniper. Not a playmaker. Not because he is lazy and thinks he is a player he is not, but because you have the gifts you have and this is what he can do right now. But the kid is 21-22 y/o. If he keeps working hard for the coming 3-4 years, he will defintiely develop his game, find areas in which he can contribute offensively, improve greatly defensively and become an excellent PKer etc.

Hence, unless he collapse form the over-hype, I see no reason for why he won't become a solid 2-3rd line winger. A home-grown race horse version. Strong and durable. Its a bit of a pity that we have to put him in this sitaution by over-hyping him, but it is what it is... And some hailed members of the brass its certainly to blame too for that hype.

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