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01-15-2004, 07:13 PM
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You're dead on with your options for Hlavac. Frankly speaking, when Nedved is playing badly, he tends to bring down his linemates ( ie. Dvorāk in 2001-2002). Maybe Hlavac and Carter aren't so mcuh the problem as Nedved. Just a suggestion. Anywho, wasn't there also some kind of fallout between Nedved and Hlavac? I read it in the interview with Hlavac ( in Hockeybird) a couple days back.

As for trading Lundmark for Isbister: Why not? With Isbister, we would be taking a major gamble. Firstly, We would trade Lundmark, who is 22 and is( until the Peca cheapshot) playing in the NHL. he has speed, talent, and heart ( something we have been lacking for the last six years). He would be a great fit in Edmonton, his hometown, and I for one would hate to see another ex-Ranger playing reallly well on another team.( like York, Cloutier, Savard, Dvoark, the list goes on and on).
However, Isbister, if he actually plays to his potential, is a scary player to play against. He has size, stength, and skill. IMO, he could be a poor man's Bertuzzi. However, I do not think he has the ability to play that kind of dominating poewr game that succesfull powerforwards can play. IMO, I wouldn't trade Lundmark for Isbister, but I would do one of the following

To Edmonton: 3rd rounder, a crappy prospect
To Rangers: Isbister

To Chicago: Mark Bell
To Rangers: Tom Poti, a pick.

I think Mark Bell would be a better solution than Isbister, but I am not so keen to giveup on Poti, no matter how miserable he is defensively.

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