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10-01-2013, 11:44 AM
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A little while ago I read the press-release from NIHF on the Norway in KHL matter.

Here I give it in short in my own words.

Norwegian journalist contacts NIHF and tells them that a representative from the KHL want to come and discuss the possibility of a team in KHL located there.

NIHF tell him they will need a document that confirms this.

Sacavickas sends NIHF the letter and NIHF checks with KHL if it is real or not.

KHL basically tells NIHF "it should be since Medvedev signed it".

They have the meetings and then media writes about it.

KHL reads it in the media and contact NIHF and tells them that he is not sent by them, and if they want a team in the KHL they should contact KHL etc. And KHL also write on Facebook the same thing.

Media contacts NIHF and they say what they were told by KHL.

Then KHL contacts NIHF again and tells them he was actually sent by them and this is just a misunderstanding. - google translate

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