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10-01-2013, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
But this is all speculation on your part. We don't know if he went up to lombardi saying dont trade for jeff carter, dont sign drew doughty to that extension, don't trade bernier.

WE have no clue what hextall did in his role as assistant GM.
Come on. That could be said about anyone in a "front office" role. We don't know what anyone does in the front office, really, including the GM. The only reasonable assumption is that the assistant GM is #2 in command. He probably has the second most say in anything that goes on. Any other assumption is without any kind of basis. You can speculate that he doesn't have a big say in anything, but without any basis there is nothing to that speculation. At least speculating that he does have a big say is based on the fact that he is #2 in command.

He was #2 on a Cup winning team. It is safe to assume that he did a good job in his role as the assistant GM, despite the fact that we don't know "exactly" what he did. Any other assumption or speculation is where you run into problems with the speculation. Res ipsa speaks for itself.

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