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10-01-2013, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
As part of a larger trend of signing the wrong players for a hard forechecking team, yes, I would say it's all concerning. It makes me wonder what the line of thought is. "My coach wants fast players who can press, attack, and hop into the play if need be. I shall sign old, immobile players who cannot do that."

As part of the far larger and longer trend of the Flyers not even being able to develop a D prospect who could beat out Gill, it's also concerning. Gus is the first guy in ages to break through, and apparently he's all we've got.
Thank you.

Originally Posted by OccupySouthBroadSt View Post
I fail to see how signing Gill moves the team forward? That should be the litmus test for a GM even with marginal moves like this. Gill's ship has sailed. He is not a depth signing ..there is nothing particularly deep about it..literally and figuratively. Basically they should have kept the little powder they had dry bc this inanimate object will be a non factor just like Shelley and the other locker room good guys. Again how did Shelley and Cote help us in the win column or with the locker room discord or the inconsistency this team has shown season after season?
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