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Originally Posted by Zine View Post

1. 'Heat of the moment'? Unlike the other dirty plays, reactions and tactics employed by both sides in the series (i.e. Mikhailov kick, etc.), Clarke's slash was a premeditated attack, ordered from the bench, with the sole intent of removing Soviets best player.

2. Canadians would no doubt view such an act differently if roles were reversed.
The fact that Mikhailov "kicked" anyone at all clearly demonstrated to me at least that the Soviets were totally unfamiliar with The Code. Had no exposure to nor experience with such a foreign concept. Im sure had he been raised in Canada he'd have dropped his gloves & layed a smackdown on the target of his anger. Purely emotional & thoughtless reaction, sick & tired of being bullied. Lost his mind in the heat of the moment and turned A.N.I.M.A.L. Viscous. So what? He didnt kill anyone. These were two very different Worlds colliding. Soviets outraged by the Canadians tactics. Worst thing you can do is kick someone with your skate or use your stick on them like a Lance, Doublehanders like Clarkie and a bunch of the rest of them. Russian was pushed over the edge.

It wasnt in the Soviets DNA, wasnt part of their game to target a top player for the opposition & deliberately, maliciously & recklessly hit them with intent to injure. Wasnt until they were on the receiving end of Team Canadas' abuse in 72 that they woke up to the realities of Canadian hockey and a rude awakening at that. I have often thought that it must have been a terrible disappointment to them. Here were these Supermen they'd heard so much about, must have been at first very nervous & intimidated by the lot of them. Yet they played their game, disciplined, cycle hockey. Caught the Canadians out of shape & out of breath who resorted to clutch and grab. Not all of them of course but it only takes a few to wreak havoc. Canada played desperate, the Soviets were a work of art, beautiful masterpiece. I personally couldnt stand watching what some of the Canadians were obviously up to & doing & as I said earlier, didnt even bother watching games 3-6. Made my blood boil.

You may have a hard time wrapping your head around it Zine, but the way they played to me at that time here in Canada when I myself was playing Junior was acceptable on Canadian or American ice, but I did hold them to a higher standard in playing the Soviets and railed against the dirt they were dishing. I realize that may seem hypocritical, that its ok to play that way in North America but its not cool to play that way in international competition but it was an attitude and opinion shared by many on this side of the pond. I didnt feel "shame" watching Team Canada but pride in that for most of them they were doing their best & played it clean. Had a Team USSR player taken out a Canadian on orders or even just Freelancing with viscous Crosscheck, Spear or whatever Id have merely chalked it up to "well, thats hockey".

Id seen it happen dozens upon dozens of times watching, playing the game myself. Guy carted off on a stretcher or limping off the ice, into the dressing room & done or given an injection and frozen, stitched up or whatever, sent out again. I got kicked in the back of the leg a few times as goalie in scrambles, cut for a lot of stitches. Couple of times Im sure it was deliberate. And thats just the way it was. Total War. You played for keeps & you played to win and if that meant going Criminal you did so. I dont know why this concept is so hard to understand, grasp. Its not shinny. Its not a friendly (a concept I dont even understand, how can your opponent be a "friendly" in hockey?- anathema to competition, some late 17th Century Croquet term). So no Zine, I wouldnt be sitting here 41yrs later railing against some Soviet player for breaking his stick across a Team Canada players ankles and putting him out of the series. Casualty of War. Bring in a new trooper. No one is indispensable.

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