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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post

Ignorance and blind faith is awesome. Following the logic that we should agree with all moves simply by the virtue that Homer and company are the ones on the inside and we're not is not a good way to go about things. Following that logic it's impossible for professionals to make mistakes. Following that logic the whole Pronger 35+ misunderstanding, for instance, couldn't possibly have happened.

The bottom line is that they're people who make mistakes just like us. Most of the knowledge and access to information they have, we have. Only difference really is that they get to meet the players and make the decisions.
Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Dude, this isn't a combination of arcane secret wizardry and theoretical physics. It's sports. It's really not that hard. I remember when people said the same crap about the Bryzgalov signing when I voiced concerns.

Gill sucks and isn't a fit for the team. Gill is not at an age where improvement is likely. His signing is pointless, like Shelley and Kubina before him.
I love how you guys completely ignored the gist of my comment... that it has already been decided that Gill will fail and not help the team if there are injuries and the depth is needed... that somehow we can cut through the actual facts and just rely on opinion as if it has already occurred and hang the ********.

Also, I do believe it is a bit... quite a bit na´ve to believe that we who follow the sport are as knowledgeable as those who not only grew up with the sport as a way of life but also played the game at the highest level and been in the front office/leadership of Organizations for decades, and in some cases longer than some of us have been alive... If you want to take the simplistic view and believe that it is easy and we on the outside can do it better, then please go ahead... but excuse some of us who won't buy it.

Sure they make mistakes, but hindsight is always 20/20 and achievements are often ignored... One GM out of 30 each season wins the Cup while 29+ fail... some... many never win it over a career... so IMO the all or nothing bar of success is BS... and a GM can fail quite a bit and still be a success -- unlike us fans -- or are you saying that the owners who continue to hire GMs who make mistakes are less knowledgeable than we are also? Homer screws up... all GMs screw up... all I'm saying here is that Homer believes that Gill is good as a hire on his team... and as of now, a day before the season starts, there is nothing to say that he is incorrect... Just give him a chance to be proven wrong and stop making a mountain out of a minor signing with little downside with so much other things yet to be tested. And I go on record as saying that I cannot GM better than Homer or any other NHL GM; there I've said it. LOL

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