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10-01-2013, 08:16 PM
Garbage Goal
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Beef's got this.

As I already said once several pages ago and once about a page after that, nobody is freaking out that we signed Gill. A lot of people think it'd indicative of larger problems and aren't a fan of it and are voicing those thoughts. Then a few select people are, themselves, freaking out and over exaggerating things by claiming everyone is freaking out about this signing when really nobody is. Voicing criticism isn't the same thing as freaking out no matter how dramatic you want to be.

The people being the drama queens are the ones that are actually saying other people are freaking out about it. This topic would have pretty much ended several pages ago if people defending the signing could just admit that it's indicative of larger problems and that it's not an ideal signing just like people like me and Beef have and are fine with admitting it's a minor signing.

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