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Originally Posted by Prussian_Blue View Post
Das ist sehr schön, mein freund...

I can read and speak a little German, but I'm having some issues with the column headings in the goaltender statistics page. Can you (or anyone else) help with a translation?

"Sp" seems to be Games Played In.
From the point "abkürzungen" on the page:
SP means games, where the goalie was dressed for the team, not necessarily playing; TE means games where the goalie played at least one second

"GS" seems to be Games Started.
it stands for "ganze Spiele", meaning games where the goalie was in net the whole time (except for being exchanged for a forward), so you can see in how many games the goalie wasn't exchanged for his backup

I can't figure out what "Ers," "BS," "SB," and "SBRS" mean.

ERS = Einsätze als Ersatztorhüte = games as backup without playing
BS = Bank-Spiel = games played after a goalie change; "aktive"backup
SB = Spiel-Bank = game where the sarting goalie was exchanged
SBRS = Spiel-Bank bei Rückstand = game where the sarting goalie was exchanged while the other team leads the score

"Min" is Minutes Played.
"GT" is Goals Against.

I can't figure out what "ilT" means. ins leere Tor = empty net goals

"GTD" is Goals-Against Average.

"MinGT" seems to be a calculation of how many minutes elapse, on average, between goals scored against a goaltender. Using Reto Berra's stats as an example, his "Min" is 478 as of 25 November 06, his "GT" is 28, and his "MinGT" is 17. 17 times 28 = 476. Is my assumption correct? yes, it is

"SO" is Shutouts.
"S," "U", "N" are Wins, Ties,and Losses.
"S%" and "N%" are the percentages of games won and lost vs. the number of games started.
"T," "A," and "SM" are goals (Töre), Assists, and Penalty Minutes (Streifminuten).

Any help you can offer in interpreting these stats will be greatly appreciated. Also, if there's any place where more complete stats are listed, even in German (French or Italian, or any other language), I'd appreciate a link. I'm specifically trying to find a place where I can keep track of Berra's save percentage on a regular basis, and the one necessary input (shots against) I need does not seem to be tracked on the site.

Of course, any updates on the NLB -- CGK Lions, Reto Berra, and Luca C u n t i specifically -- will be most appreciated.

Danke schön,


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