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Originally Posted by Damn Skippy View Post
The Avery reference is purely a reference to playstyle, leave all the other baggage out of it. Avery - back when he was effective - was not a thug, he was a pest. If you prefer (and if you're old enough to remember) I'll say Theo Fleury.

And that's what this kid is. I'm not talking about after the whistle, I'm talking about during play. He is constantly using his stick, at ankles, at wrists, not enough to draw a call, but enough to annoy the crap out of the player he's facing. He threw a sneaky punch once and was called, and spent the whole trip to the box mocking the guy he punched for throwing his head back. He never shut up.

He is also very clearly a skilled player.

It's noticeably a part of his game, as in, it stands out above just your average between-whistle stuff. Also bear in mind, this is the only time I've ever seen him, but by the end of the game, I was looking for him. But he was also one of Fargo's more effective players on a bad night for them. He's got good speed and anticipation, and he's a great forechecker. His shot looked pretty dangerous - its quickness more than its placement.
I get what your saying. I like the Fleury reference (I don't care for Avery and see him as a thug now but was good at one point). I think every team has a player like that for them. I have noticed a lot of players play different on the road. When I saw Sioux City here there were two players that just were annoying but when I watched them play someone else they were different. I like some guys who get under your skin sometimes. I for see him being on of our top goal scores.

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