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Originally Posted by massey View Post
Thinking positive on sunday's game,it was nice to see matteo get his first OHL assist with that best pass all year to that nice boy on North bay's defence so he could score.Took me back to my childhood years of watching Novice play.Hopefully Wed night game he can do it again.He deserves the ice time.Nice also for Goldobin to give that puck away to that nice boy from North bay who skated all the way down to that end of the ice and deserved the puck and scored.It was nice also of the team to take a lot of penalities because those nice men at the penality box were getting bored and wanted someone to talk to.Not only that it gave some of our other players extra ice time and our goalie wanted more shots anyways.Also allowed those nice boys from North bay to Score.And finally,as much as I think fighting should be banned from hockey and everybody just get along with a nice hug,nice of Duininck of get in a fight to defend his team and get things going while those other big guys on the bench was able to get some rest and didnt bruise there knuckles.
to be fair, although goldy was super soft and lazy on the pass, the lousy ice probably caused the puck to bounce off his stick like that

ciccerelli's gaff, on the other hand, was simply brutal. they teach you in pee wee to fire the puck either off the side wall or glass to get it out, and not right out front of the net into the slot area, without looking. awful. not to mention up until then he'd stunk anyway with missed passes and lost draws and a was a liability anyway.

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