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11-27-2006, 10:28 AM
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Two things you should be aware of (maybe you are, but. . .):

1. You can have the blade changed without buying a new pair of skates.
2. The radius of the blade will have more effect on the power of your stride than the height of your blade.

I have to assume that the blade radius of your new skate is smaller than that of your old. A greater radius means the blade is flatter and provides more grip, allowing you get more power when you push off. A smaller radius means less of the blade is in contact with the ice. Your blade might slide a bit more when you push off, but the plus is that you'll be able to make tighter turns.

Unless the blade or blade holder is loose on the new skates, the only thing a thicker blade would do to you is make you an inch taller. Besides, I assume that the only reason your old skate blades were so short is that they had been sharpened down to that height over the 4 years you had them. Sharpening them down to half their original size would probably make them twice as fragile.

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