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Originally Posted by MiscBrah View Post
As I already explained previously, I am driving around for 8+ hours a day. I listen to TSN 1200 pretty much the entire day (I switch on commercials to CBC & CFRA). I don't have the luxury of streaming internet radio for 3 hours in the van that I drive around.

Jim Rome is levels beyond anybody in the Ottawa scene. The guy is the creme de la creme of Sports radio. You should feel lucky that you even got to experience his voice.

I'm almost positive that the folk clamoring for more local talk (in a city that has ONE PROFESSIONAL SPORTS TEAM) don't listen sports radio for the entire day. By Friday afternoon, when I've listen to countless hours of simmer and yorkie I'm ready to drive the van off a bridge.
Haha lucky we got to experience his voice, you have a total hard on for Romie. If you live in your van all day and want to listen to him, just stream it on your phone and plug it into an aux port, or get a wireless transmitter, they are cheap. If you spend every waking moment of the day in your van, that set-up is a small investment to avoid the impending suicide that you described.

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