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11-27-2006, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by RNiner View Post
The neccessity of joint custody means he'll only ever see her half of the time. Of course, living on the West Coast doesn't really change that, it just makes it easier for the child, not having to fly around on planes and such. That said, it sounds like the details of this custody arangement were made after he said the comment about moving out West, so I believe that factor is moot. Souray will see his child for half of the year no matter where he is, and living closer wont change that.
As far as the Habs, I have no doubt they're waiting to see if the cap goes up again this year. I wouldn't pay Rivet more then 2 mil per year, and even then I'd want to go cheaper. He wants to stay, he needs to take a hometown discount. He's very replaceable by a young guy at this point, and that 2 mil could be the difference between keeping Markov and Souray or keeping Markov and getting some UFA scrap for 2.5 mil.

As for the article, I agree with many others here: Souray is just being pragmatic. Was probably asked about the situation, and he just put himself in Gainey's shoes. Didn't say anything about where he'd WANT to be, just what BG is likely to do.

As far as trading him... are you guys nuts? GM's around the league would give their left nut for a chance to bag Souray for their PP. The New NHL is all about PK and PP, and Souray is possibly the best PP guy in the league right now. Without a doubt, given our contention possibilities, Souray is going nowhere. If we end up getting nothing for him (isn't there still a draft pick compensation?) then so be it. If you have a shot at the cup, you take it. You can't always make trades aimed at next year! They invariably weaken your team for this year, and that is still the priority is it not!
Actually if he were to sign in LA or Anaheim he would see her alot more than he does now with her in LA and him in Montreal. Considering teams spend 3 1/2 months of the season at home thast 3 1/2 more months worth of time hed have to spend with her.

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