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Originally Posted by Perjong View Post
Wow, there is a lot of people here with sticks in their anuses. People whining about Jungle Jim, people whining about Simmer, people whining how they get off topic. Heaven forbid the hosts are not talking spots every second of every minute of every hour! How dare they talk about something else for a few minutes, like something in their lives! The nerve of them! You people must be the life of the party, shunning any sort of levity and non-spports talk.

12 hours of straight sports talk would get boring real fast, especially when each show will cover the same thing.

The thing is, sports are unimportant. Talking about sports is even more unimportant. And doing it for 12 hours stright without some levity is just ridiculous. Yes, it is sports talk radio, but that doesn't mean they can't go off the rails sometimes. Maybe lighten up and get a sense of humour. I listen to Team 1200, but not for the boring and useless sports talk. I listen for the off the rails stuff, the bits that JR does (El Predicto!), and Steve's occasional immaturity. That is entertaining. Constant talk about sports, revisiting the same topic every hour? I have no use for that.

Before Jungle was let go, TGOR was must-listen radio every day, because you never knew what he would say or what faux-pas would happen. After that, if I missed the show, I didn't care; I knew I wasn't missing much. These days the show has gotten even more watered down and dull.

This re-branding only ensures that everything will get even more corporate, more dull, more watered down, and even more boring. The whole point of radio morning shows is to give you a dose of humour on your way to work. And it appears that is something a lot of you could use more of. Pull those sticks out of your anuses and don't put so much importance on something as unimportant as sports. Have a chuckle in the morning, enjoy the banter between all the hosts while it lasts before corporate ruins everything.

On a side note, Ian Mendez sucks on the radio. He's boring and has a terrible radio voice. He was fine on Sportsnet when you'd only have to listen to him for a few minutes at a time, but four hours of this guy is unbearable. Dave Gross should have stuck around.
Pot calling the kettle black?

Here's a pro tip...If you are going to write a multi paragraph post complaining about people who complain about the hosts...don't end off with a complaint about a host

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