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10-02-2013, 08:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Perjong View Post
Wow, there is a lot of people here with sticks in their anuses. People whining about Jungle Jim, people whining about Simmer, people whining how they get off topic. Heaven forbid the hosts are not talking spots every second of every minute of every hour! How dare they talk about something else for a few minutes, like something in their lives! The nerve of them! You people must be the life of the party, shunning any sort of levity and non-spports talk.

12 hours of straight sports talk would get boring real fast, especially when each show will cover the same thing.
Really bad analogy. If you're at a party you're in basically a melting pot of different people, opinions, it's going to get zany at some point, it's freeform.

If I am listenting to a sports radio show and I hear one of the hosts go off about how he had three glasses of pino and schmoozed cougars then called up Jan Bulis and they went for pizza, that's dead air. That's 3-5 minutes that could have been used to talk about a hockey matchup, NFL news, the MLB playoffs, whatever. Simmer is pretty bad for this (he has seemed to have toned it down, to his credit), but he hasn't been the only one in the station to fall into the trap of thinking people actually care about him instead of his take. And getting boring fast? You can switch speeds talking about sports and make it fresh. Guests, debates, previews...

Originally Posted by Perjong View Post
Before Jungle was let go, TGOR was must-listen radio every day, because you never knew what he would say or what faux-pas would happen. After that, if I missed the show, I didn't care; I knew I wasn't missing much. These days the show has gotten even more watered down and dull.

This re-branding only ensures that everything will get even more corporate, more dull, more watered down, and even more boring. The whole point of radio morning shows is to give you a dose of humour on your way to work. And it appears that is something a lot of you could use more of. Pull those sticks out of your anuses and don't put so much importance on something as unimportant as sports. Have a chuckle in the morning, enjoy the banter between all the hosts while it lasts before corporate ruins everything.
I get what morning shows are for. Jerome wasn't humorous, he was creepy going on about teenage girls and his obsession with 99 and being drunk on-air. Good riddance.
Also not sure how "corporate' ruins everything, limits breed creativity, creativity breeds innovation and fresh ideas.

Originally Posted by Perjong View Post
I never listend to whatever show Kulka was on. Loved Jungle (at least the show was interesting when he was on). Studley was a terrible host on TV since he came across as boring, uninterested, stiff, and just someone you don't want to watch. Like Max Keeping. I liked Stuntman - what exactly was his on-air "issue"? Never heard Eastwood. I assume he's some sort of hockey player

(...) Maybe if people didn't take themselves so seriously, they could appreciate a dose of it now and then. Any humour is better than no humour.

Also, you don't have to convince me about Simmer's short comings. He isn't funny; the odd time that I laughed when he was on the air was not from what he said per se, but from how the Steve and JR reacted since they weren't expecting it. I don't even like hearing Simmer talk about sports because he talks far too much, often not really saying anything of substance, or saying the same thing more than once.
Completely disagree. Wildly inappropriate, borderline racist trash (Jimmy Yip takes) has no room on a sports radio station, especially one owned by a massive media conglomerate. I'm selective about the stuff I listen to, if I hear stuff on Team1200 that is racist or so on, I pen a letter to CBSC and let them know. It usually ends up cleaning things up considerably.

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