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10-02-2013, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Jersey Girl View Post
OK I don't have it in front of me at the moment, but in today's Post Larry Brooks predicted the Senators and Bruins to finish first and second in their division, and then play in the Eastern Conference finals.

But that's not possible, correct? They would have to play each other in the Atlantic division finals, then play the winner of the Metropolitan division playoffs in the Eastern Conference finals...right?

I may be confused here...
Not sure if that's how it works, my understanding is this:

Brooks picked the teams to finish:

1. Senators; 2. Penguins; 3. Bruins; 4. Red Wings; 5. Rangers; 6. Capitals; 7. Maple Leafs; 8. Blue Jackets

Senators over Blue Jackets
Penguins over Maple Leafs
Rangers over Capitals (division #2 and #3 play each other)
Bruins over Wings

At this point, my understanding is that things do not need to stay in division, and the final four teams are reseeded. As such it would be:

Senators vs. Rangers
Penguins vs. Bruins

Making a Sens-Bruins ECF possible.

If my understanding is wrong, someone let me know. IMO the NHL messed this up, should have tried harder to keep things in division if possible. I understand that there are scenarios (3 Atlantic teams and 1 Metro team in the second round, per se) where this wouldn't work. But in the case where it's 2 from one division and 2 from another, they should have to play each other.

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