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10-02-2013, 10:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Perjong View Post
That is not dead air. That's probably more interesting than any of the on-topic stuff. And what is 3-5 minutes anyways? They have 4 hours to talk about whatever bit of sports nonsense you are interested in. They would have even more time without the phone interviews with meaningless and unimportant guests they have on in the afternoon.

So having a Chinese guy on the radio talking about golf is now racist? What? Or replaying his "Hu Tang Long Bang Tony Chang and Jimmy Yip Golf Academy and Smorgasbord" sound bite? How is that racist.

And you just made my point by saying what does and doesn't belong on a station owned by a massive media conglomerate. Being owned by that conglomerate means it now has to be a squeaky clean, boring station. You're the typical white person who likes to be offended so he can write and complain about it. No wonder the station has gotten dull.

And again, about Mendez, I am sure he is a fine sports person, but his voice doesn't suit the radio, especially for 4 hours.
Do you even like sports? 3-5 minutes is not what anyone is complaining about. It is the constant non sports talk that take conversations way off topic. When you are the center of attention at the bar and people are laughing is one thing, when you are on the radio trying to do the same it's something entirely different.

You are all over the place in trying to defend Jungle and Simmer.

What made you want to sign up to a hockey forum and only respond to criticism of radio hosts? It is like you are taking this personally.

I don't think anyone here complains about radio hosts opinion concerning sports takes, it is when they don't have sports takes and try and make bad jokes every single chance the get. No one else is laughing. That makes for bad radio.

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