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11-27-2006, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by raketheleaves View Post
1. He doesn't seem happy.

2. He has no privacy here whatsoever and doesn't speak either language very well. If I were him, I'd search out privacy in a city like NY (which is also a more fun place to live and has a large Russian community).

3. He can make big bucks on the market.

4. Montreal did nothing to acquire a defenseman who could complement his game, instead leaving the full workload on his shoulders again (and the blame: the media and fans consistently blame him even though he is by far our best defenseman and without him this team doesn't make the playoffs). Instead they signed an undersized forward who can't score, can't play d, and turns the puck over consistently. And nobody else even wanted this guy, he was benched in the playoffs and we gave him a big, longterm contract.

5. He can choose a team that has a proper defense so he doesn't have to carry more than his share of the load every game.

6. This team is too passive up front and our D does not move the puck well and is not agile enough in the defensive end to win a Cup.

That's why.

I'm suspicious that we didn't upgrade our defense because they didn't want Markov and Souray to put up big numbers going into free agency.

Rivet is already overpaid and overworked too.

1. What Russian on the team DOES look happy? It's Russian nature to be Chuck Norris.

2. He's got plenty of Russians with whom to speak with on the team. As for privacy, maybe he WANTS to be a star in Montreal, he sure plays like it.

3. He can continue to have long-term security in Montreal for a modest paycheck.

4. He's playing with Komisaurus who DOES compliment his game. We have a stay-at-home d-man who likes to mix it up and dish out the hits which gives Marky boy the space and comfort to take risks and pinch in.

5. Maybe he LIKES all the playing time he gets? I've heard players complain about lack of ice-time, never too much.

6. Markov IS that puck-moving d-man you say we lack

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