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Originally Posted by Canadiens1958 View Post
The Code was and is dissuasive. ... Players or other participants not in tune with the code, were quickly removed from a team or a league in North America.
Indeed, and though very few written copies of The Code actually exist, I just happen to have one borrowed from DownGoesBrown & will share some of the basic tenets though its contents are far more expansive than included here-in;

Weight Classes

All players shall be divided into the following Weight Classes;

*Doug Weight

Choosing an Opponent

The Code dictates that all players should stay within their Weight Classes whenever possible. For example a Heavyweight may only fight;

*Another Heavyweight
*A Cruiserweight who has instigated a confrontation
*A Lightweight who has attempted to injure a team mate
*An Overweight Flyers Fan who has fallen into the Penalty Box

Rules of Engagement

Any of the following phrases when spoken to an opponent will be considered an invitation to fight;

*Lets go
*Drop the gloves
*Would you like to hear a detailed rundown of my hfBoards All Time Draft picks?
*Whoooa, uh oh, this is "Canada's Team"?
*I dunno Colton, to be honest I find your musings on twitter both juvenile & desperate

When to Fight

It is considered appropriate to fight when;

*You have lost the momentum in the game
*An opponent has committed an act for which immediate retribution is required
*While sitting on the bench, you suddenly realize you havent been mentioned on Coachs Corner in like, forever
*Brendan Shanahan emailed you telling you to knock it off... better destroy the email

When Not to Fight

*The Coach has given you specific instructions not to
*Late in a close game when an Instigator Penalty could result in a PP
*When your opponents is not expecting it... like while he's listening to the National Anthem

Punishable Acts

Any of the following acts shall be deemed in violation of The Code and deserving an immediate punch in the face;

*Shooting the puck towards the net or at another player after a whistle
*Spraying snow on the goalie when he's smothered the puck
*Kicking, Spearing, Swinging your stick recklessly
*Attempting that cheap breakaway move from NHL 94
*Being Matt Cooke

Removal of Equipment

If in the moments leading up to a fight your opponent;

*Removes his gloves, you must do same
*Removes his helmet & visor, you must do same
*Removes his left elbow pad, optional
*Removes his jersey & pants; you should consider the very distinct possibility that your not in a fight at all but have accidentally wandered into Patrick Kanes limo parked in the concourse at United Center

When the Fight is Over

*When the Linesmen & Refs' make their 1st moves to intervene
*When one or both players fall to the ice
*When you hear your opponents trainer asking you to hold off on whaling on his guy for a few sec's while they load him onto the backboard & stretcher....

and so on & so forth...

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