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10-02-2013, 11:59 AM
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Upthread I noted how I made the switch to FIOS from Comcast because of a deal and was content thus far although apart from the internet I hardly watch TV until hockey season. Anyway, I'm not so sure now that I'm getting a better deal for my services. I've got the prime HD triple play package and with all my discounts, fees and taxes pay $110 p/mo. I had a better triple play package with Comcast..more channels which included NHL Network, Starz, Encore etc but did pay about $135 to 140 p/mo. This also included 20 MBPS internet though vs FIOS 15/5. I think before I made the switch to Verizon, Comcast was going to give me the same package for about 120 p/mo for 6 months.

I didn't have a DVR with Comcast nor with Verizon but at least I had Comcast on demand so that I could catch the Flyers game if I missed it. Verizon doesn't have this capability right? Can't watch replays ? I basically have to DVR the games if I'm going to miss any hence requiring DVR service?

Basically, I have to upgrade my FIOS to match what I had with Comcast so no savings would be realized other than having FIOS's equipment installed and getting a new modem/router for free..also a $300 prepaid card

Foiled by the duopoly....

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