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Originally Posted by Stylizer1 View Post
Do you even like sports? 3-5 minutes is not what anyone is complaining about. It is the constant non sports talk that take conversations way off topic. When you are the center of attention at the bar and people are laughing is one thing, when you are on the radio trying to do the same it's something entirely different.

You are all over the place in trying to defend Jungle and Simmer.

What made you want to sign up to a hockey forum and only respond to criticism of radio hosts? It is like you are taking this personally.

I don't think anyone here complains about radio hosts opinion concerning sports takes, it is when they don't have sports takes and try and make bad jokes every single chance the get. No one else is laughing. That makes for bad radio.
Yes, I like sports; hockey and soccer. But I am not obsessed with them that I have to listen to people talk about nothing but those things for 12 hours a day. Hence why the constant non sports talk appeals to me. Sure, talk about hockey for 15 minutes, or whatever, but throwing in something that is off topic doesn't hurt either. The best TGOR shows are the ones that made me laugh, not the ones where they talk about a hockey game for three hours.

Originally Posted by Upgrayedd View Post
Considering you are using a name which is slang for genitals and a word Jim Jerome used quite often during his stint and created an account just for this, im guessing serious/adult things of any nature don't really interest you.
They do, but not in the morning. And I wouldn't call talking about the previous night's hockey game or what is happening in the National Felons League serious/adult things. Adults obsessing about sports is no different than kids obsessing about Pokémon. In the end, it's all a meaningless waste of time.

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