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10-02-2013, 12:19 PM
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Originally Posted by sandysan View Post
Deharnais just got an extension and has negative trade value
Gionta is our captain and just came back from an injury and he has
both a NMC and a NTC ( sure on the latter, not so much the former)
the ship on not signing briere has sailed, before it left they made
sure to unload HIS NTC.

Two of the guys you list we cant move without their consent, the other had zero value on the free market. We also suffered through a season last year where prust had to go with anyone, and FAR to often HAD to fight above his weight class and itwas clear he was worn down at the end of the year.

Having parros takes some of the heat off prust/moen. If we cant get george back or get another enforcer, what is to stop ANY team in the atlantic from running roughshot over our top 9 that includes
DD,gio,gallagher and briere ?
And who gave Desharnais that contract? I'm not saying that they all have to go, but signing DD to that stupid contract and then getting Briere were bad moves in the wrong direction. Bergevin could have went with 3rd liners instead and made sure that the EGG line gets top 6 minutes.

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