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11-27-2006, 04:56 PM
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Originally Posted by White Snake View Post
The scariest thing about that article was when it stated RIvet will be getting 3.5 a year. NO thanks, I will pass on that. How could we possibly offer him anywhere close to that. Im sure Bob is not going to but if he did that would have a devastating effect on our cap. WE just dont have 3.5 million available for a #5/6 defensemen. NO matter how much he wants to be here. 1.55 tops.
Rivet at 1.55 is laughable. He will get at least what Steve Staios just signed for.
One thing is certain....all three have Don Meehan as their agent and there is no doubt he'll get all of them top dollar. BG is in a pickle.
Don't know what all the plather is about over this article. Souray is playing the media game. He already knows he's not sticking around.
Meehan knows Souray wants to be closer to his daughter and he knows BG can't afford to pay both he and Markov the big money so what would you do if you were Meehan...of course, you'd market him to another team in the states. As their agent he will then make 3% of two big contracts. Makes sense to me!
This is a business guys....these guys are out to make the biggest money they can in for a short period of time and there won't be a lot of UFA D to pick from.

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