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Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
This thread is hilarious. Not because of all the different interpretations of the rules, but because the NHL made such a convoluted system.

Here's how I understand it:


1. Rangers (top team in conference)
2. Penguins
3. Caps
4. CBJ
5. Isles


1. Boston
2. Habs
3. Wings

Round 1:

Rangers over Isles
CBJ over Boston
Penguins over Caps
Habs over Wings

Round two would then become:

Rangers v. CBJ
Habs v. Pens

Leading of course to the solution that two teams from the same division could square off in the Eastern Conference Finals.

The question then becomes though, if the Penguins beat the Habs in this scenario, are they crowned Atlantic division champions?
Well according to my (new) understanding, they group the #1 seeds from each division with the #2 vs #3 from the same division and keep them in that 4-some without reseeding, so your scenario would go like this:

Rangers over Isles
Penguins over Caps

CBJ over Boston
Habs over Wings

There is no reseeding (although originally I thought I had read somewhere that there was), so those groups will stick together.

Rangers vs. Pens
CBJ vs. Habs

However your question still remains - if CBJ wins, are they the Atlantic champions even though they are in the Metro division?

I'm not a fan of these rules at all, too complicated. I dread having to explain them to some of my friends who only watch hockey in the playoffs

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