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10-02-2013, 06:44 PM
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Originally Posted by ChoseLa View Post
It has been a while since Clarkson took on though heavyweights in the mold of Lucic or McLarren, Prust, 5"11, did last season and looked good. Anyone questioning Prust's heart and courage is either misinformed or trolling.
The whole idea that most if any tougher player is scared is crap. Most of the time when theses guys wont fight its because its that is what is best for the team. It still wont stop fans from opposing teams from saying they are scared tho, its just more fun for them to believe that.

Prust was trying to draw a penalty. Similar to last year when Phaneuf wouldn't fight Prust. It was during the 3rd period of a tie game getting trown out of the game for 5+ mins with a 4th line wouldn't have been best for the team.

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