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10-02-2013, 06:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I'm not an Eager fan at all so I find it weird I'm defending him.

My take is that Eager saw the writing on the wall last season and played real hard in OKC spent the offseason determined to do somthing about it. So he comes into camp in the best shape he's been in in years, is firing lasers out there any chance he gets, actually scores a goal on limited minutes, and its the bums rush out the door? Does anybody think Eager played poorly this preseason? Does anybody think he got much of a chance. Fact is Eager played well in OKC last season. Fact is he did everything he could with limited minutes this preseason. What more then? If the Oilers were already determined not to have him in the show then why have him occupying a spot throughout preseason?

I get that people think Mike Brown is the energizer bunny or something. But that just isn't the case and what you get with Brown is somebody that has trouble playing hockey, doesn't put fear into anybody, can't keep up to the pace, doesn't hit all that much, and quickly disappears into the landscape like he did last season as his performances became very disinterested.

My take is Eager is the most determined he's been in a long while. Why not make use of that for awhile?
How much did you really watch him in the AHL last year? When it comes to Eager, I need to see a lot more to believe it. Coaches and the media can talk all they want about how he "impressed" in the AHL playoffs or how he is 20 lbs lighter this year and finally the Ben Eager we thought we signed has shown up but the fact is nothing changes with this guy.

Disappointed with your analysis of Brown. If anything, most of those attributes apply directly to Eager and his compete level, who you thought was ready to contribute this year. Mike Brown looks like he is willing to do anything to be apart of this team. He's far from perfect but the effort is there and he will block shots, fight out of his weight class, and get in on the forecheck (despite what you say) where Eager is continuously avoiding the role we need him to fill and keeps successfully playing his way off this team. Not a coincidence that he is once again on the waiver wire and not a coincidence that he will most likely go unclaimed.

If you disagree, recheck your game tape. The evidence is there.

Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Gazdik yes, Browns contribution doesn't make anybody expendable.
We trade for Brown, Eager gets put on waivers and sent down to the AHL. Flash forward to this year and Mike Brown has once again made the Oilers and Ben Eager is on waivers yet again. That is what is called Mike Brown making Ben Eager expendable and for good reason.

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