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11-27-2006, 07:22 PM
Victims, rn't we all
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Originally Posted by Scoogs View Post
Wow, seriously some of you need to just sit back and chill about the Leafs. Why do you treat TSNs word like it's the end all/be all?
Seriously, if it's as heavly biased as you all seem to think it is (and I've posted this b4 on the Habs board, I agree that Canadian media, TSN in particular, is biased towards Leafs..), why does it upset you? It is obviously a flawed ranking system. Heck, I pay it no mind and it supports my team.

If you want a relatively unbiased NHL ranking, check this out....

New one should be out by tomorrow. An American, national publication that pretty much looks objectively at the NHL since they really don't care. Just watch for a NY bias

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