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10-02-2013, 09:40 PM
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Originally Posted by sansabri View Post
right. Lupul didn't start the diving festivities before the torch was even blown out. that didn't at all lead to a 5 on 3 when a real penalty came about.

high stick on Gallagher? eh, doesn't matter. too many men? don't matter, either.

sorry, but Parros beat Orr. Moen beat Fraser. Tinordi destroyed Ashton.

if you think Parros falling to the ice is losing a fight... explain to me how Orr was already on the ground, then. last time i checked, you don't win a fight by losing your balance.

also, the Prust and Fraser fight wasn't a fight. just dumb refs being dumb.

'nice try, though.' LOL. clueless.

anyway, Habs will be fine without a heavyweight for now.

Prust made the most obvious dive when Phaneuf barely even touched him and he exploded into the boards.

No I'm sorry, Sorry for how bad your eyes must be. Parros did not beat orr at all they both threw some punches and both went down wasn't a clear winner in that fight, It's really sad if you call that a win.

Fraser clearly beat moen everyone knows this, it was clear cut.

Tinordi won his no doubt.

That's complete BS, Fraser and prust was abosuletly a fight, Prust skated up to fraser and punched him in the face with his gloves on, Then when fraser dropped his gloves to fight prust refused and got absolutely demolished and curled up along the boards and waited for the refs to save him. They didn't show prust punching fraser on the live feed but ill leave a youtube video so you can see how big of a coward prust really is. (start the video at 1:25)

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