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10-02-2013, 09:06 PM
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Originally Posted by The Nuge View Post
Mike Brown is a middleweight. Just because he's willing to give up 30+ pounds and fight heavyweights doesn't mean he should be. That's why I like having him and Gazdic. Let Gazdic fight the big boys that are throwing bombs, and let Brown hit everything that moves and fight the Tootoos and Dorsetts of the league. Whether or not you think one hard punch is going to hurt more than 20 smaller punches, they both get the job done when they're fighting the right guys
But this is a false economy.

There are of course no fight weight divisions in hockey, only winners and losers. you don't get brownie pts for being a smaller player in the fight game. Thus it serves no added benefit. Who cares if Brown is smaller then some other fighters? This isn't backlot in highschool its win or lose pro hockey period. At the end of the day a Ben Eager stuffs a Mike Brown into a hockey bag and kicks it all over the ice. Nobody says, oh, Brown won that fight lb/lb

Fact of the matter is you don't need to have similar weight to fight other weights. Guys go or they don't. Not unusual either to find size and weight disparity in fights.

Brown hasn't won a fight in his last half dozen tilts. If it weren't for game guys like Tootoo he wouldn't be winning many. Jebus, Jim Vandermeer, old enough to be his father, took 10 of Browns rabbit punches then decked Brown with a one punch.

People have this illusion Brown is some kind of good fighter because he speed punches. Anybody that knows how to handle that just has to wait for the moment.

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