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10-02-2013, 09:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Smyth had considerable time on pk and bottomsix last season. Nobody here was adding much by way of pts in that capacity. Is that Smyth or the team having a ****** bottomsix last season. I think we both know the answer.

Yak was off last night. People spotted that. Eakins certainly spotted it and said so. Yak still doesn't have his NHL game figured out and was confused much of the night in positioning and was not supporting puck possession very well.

Smyth is being used beyond his means obviously due to injury. I don't see Smyth getting topsix with our top two Centers back and Hall back on wing. Plus Smyth, 37.7 yrs old got 18mins last night playing with some speedy linemates who are going to make most guys looks slow. Most guys would simply drop dead trying to keep up with Hall. For Smyth to expected to do that is over expectation.
It's part both. Smyth fell off a cliff somewhere after December of 2011 and hasn't been seen since. I think he has like 5 goals since that time. It's not that hard to score in this league but Smyth insists on trying the same thing over and over that hasn't worked since Andy Moog was the Stars' starter.

Sure Yak had an off night, but why was he the only one to suffer? Hall was given minutes despite contributing to more goals against than Yak. While I believe Hall should be playing a lot of minutes, don't penalize one player for mistakes and then not do it to another.

If you have to bump Smyth up, then fine, do it. But the top line? We're not that thin, are we? We have Perron and Joensuu who are both leagues better than Smyth. And I agree Hall is going to make guys look slow, but even compared to the slower members of our team he still looks bad. Why not put Hall with players who can take advantage of his blazing speed instead of those who would hinder it?

Just looking at the Game Summary, Smyth played less than half a minute on the PK... So that means he was given basically 15 minutes of ES time. Weren't we struggling on ES scoring last year? I can think of better solutions than Smyth to that.

It just makes little sense to play Smyth in the top 6. He hasn't contributed much offensively in almost 2 years and anyone can see he doesn't have the speed to match anyone. Even sadder is his lack of offensive instincts. We've talked about the Smytty tip-ins but when's the last time we actually saw one?

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