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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
So do didn't like my examples of all the players who have dropped the gloves time and time again over a span of years can carry on with their normal lives, have good jobs and still be smart men outside of hockey? But the second a Boogey comes along and a Probert who can't keep anything out of his nose all of the sudden the big dark enemy is fighting? I'm telling you, it is how you handle your role that defines you. You really want to curb player safety sign a petition to get body checking out of the game. Nothing is more dangerous than an open ice check. Two guys dropping the mitts at least see it coming.
Your examples are fine. There are examples of fighters who have had rough lives, some due to fighting some not. While Probert was a substance abuse user, his brain had CTE. The CTE was caused from concussions. Deadmarsh never played again after a fight. Grimson had concussions from them. A Kings player hit the ice and he got severe concussion.

The open ice hits to the head are illegal. I don't need to start a petition. Show me a few open ice hits post lockout where the head was not the initial point of contact and there was a severe concussion. I can't think of any. I could be wrong.

You aren't ever going to make players safe in a game where there are grown men playing in cramped confines with no out of bounds but just glass and boards. A game where they carry a stick, a game where they shoot a puck as hard as possible. And a game where tempers flare. But if you really want to keep players safe, let's start with the stars of the game, the Crosbys, the Stamkoses. You want to keep these guys safe, make sure the threat of a fight from an enforcer is present so that there aren't liberties taken against them.
Baseball is a safe sport and there are still injuries. I am worried about brain injuries. That has been my point from square one. We have seen the affects of brain injuries in the NFL. I don't want players killing themselves in their 30's and 40's. The extreme rare case, I don't want a Chris Benoit situation. That could have happened with Probert or Derek.Hits to the head are illegal and carry a severe penalty. Look at Torres. You claim that Yzerman was protected which he was. Why wouldn't he get protection for Stamkos? You know why, he realizes the game has changed. Ray Shero, son of Fred Shero, doesn't have an enforcer for Crosby. Why? He has realized the game has changed. Big Mac was waived last year.

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