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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
I probably could have phrased that better. I did say Eberle, Hall, Yak, are more talented. Then and now. Smyth is a plumber that managed to get 39 goals and has scored at least 30 several times. I dare say they'll be more 30 goal seasons in Smyths canon then Eberles. I see fall off with Eberle which happens to a lot of players once their tendencies are scouted. He's had a harder time since.
Eberle also had benefit of more years training before he hit tHe NHL, a privilege Ryan Smyth didn't have.
I'll say this too. Theres no way Eberle comes close to the +400 goals Smyth has scored in career. To put this in perspective Jordan would have to score 11 consecutive 30 goal years to come out where Smyth is in goals scored. I sincerely doubt Jordan lasts even that long as a player. I see a guy that could be stopped physically by age 30.

Eberle has all kinds of talent. But disappears and is fairly easily shutdown in games.
Completely absurd and no way to back it up. Eberle has been an elite level goal scorer every level he has played at. He scored at a 27 goal pace last year. Smyth scored 39 and didn't hit 20 again for 2 more seasons. He's had 4 30 goal seasons in his career.

It is absolutely impossible to determine how long Eberle will play in the league, but I can just as easily predict he will play until he is 40 because he knows how to avoid big hits and keeps his head up.

I didn't catch the rest of your post before I responded, but it is unfair to say how Eberle would react in a tough playoff series. We've never been in one. I will say one thing though, he had a broken finger last year and didn't miss a game. Now I'm sure you could try and brush it off, but I imagine it hurts a hell of a lot to break your finger and play night in and night out.

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