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10-02-2013, 11:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Jack de la Hoya View Post
Love joy stuck a knee out on Mackinnon with like 20 seconds to go after targeting him all game with little chippy stuff. Roy is old school.

Edit: stuck a knee out might be harsh, but it was close Ina game that was out of hand, so i understood the reaction.
Well I typed up a huge response with my mind blown, went and got something to drink, refreshed and you edited it

haha still - Knee is the most overstatement known to man. But the way the Avs announcers were selling it like a WWF match, one would think Lovejoy went off the turnbuckle on to Mack's knee as it was propped up on a table.

Anyway. I only watched the second on and it certainly seemed Downie and Mcleod were the **** stirrers all game. Hence Getz going ****ing Hulk psycho and beating the **** out of Downie. Downie's head of rocks though can take some punches though it seems. Still Getz looked psycho, like he truly snapped. Dude is strong as ****, just tossing Downie around.

Also MacKinnon even targeted LJ a couple times in the game, so to say it was all LJ bullying Mack is a little iffy. They were going back and forth.

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