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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
LGR! Its game time baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

If I coached this team, I'd ice this lineup when everyone is ready. I am a big fan of deep line-ups and would roll 4 lines more or less equally 5 on 5 (while going harder with a few on the special teams) (and yes, I might be going a bit over the top here).

My Line-up:
Hagelin-Miller-Nash //Nash needs alot of puck to be successful, he goes hard to the net and draws alot of attention while going to the net. To play with him, you need speed, but you should also not expect to have too much puck OTOH (there are exceptions, but that is OT).

My intention is for Hagelin and Miller to be to Rick Nash what Avery and Dubinsky were to Jaromir Jagr. When Nash skates into a collected D, these two would swirm around him and pick up loose pucks and take it to the net. They would backcheck real hard. They would to all the dirty work for Nasher. They are not the best environment for Nash that we could put up, but IMO -- the best bang for the puck, if you get what I mean. We free up extremely valuble assets for other lines. IE, this line would still score alot of goals and be a threat offensively, but we don't load all our MVA(=assts) on it.

Richards-Stepan-Zucc//I do believe in this line. One of few imaginable combinatinos that I believe BR would do well in. Zucc is an awsome playmaker. Stepan a right handed shot, and very solid all over. BR can shot the puck really well, and pass it. All three are really smart. AND, many teams would still put their best D's out against Nash, he is the one you need to have your best DD out against...

Pouliot-Brassard-Fast//This line shouldn't be underrated. Brassard has played really well, and developed good chemistry with Pouliot. Fast is a right handed shot and a very smart player, he would pick up on Pouliots and Brassard's intentions instantly.

Dorsett-Boyle-Callahan//Extremely strong checking line. Could be used to calm things down, could be used for any important FO, we would always get a solid shift from this line.

A few comments:
-Callahan would get top PP and PK time, which amounts to around 7 minutes a night. With important FO time, etc, he would get up towards 20 minuts a night. When protecting a lead etc I would reshuffle and get him even more ice time.

-The third line might be a questionmark, but I actually think they would score their fair share of pts. If they did that, if Nasher can score around 70 pts on that first line, we would ice the deepest line-up in the NHL for sure. 6 solid D's to back it up. That is especially important for us since we don't have that "edge" really.
i get what your trying to do....but your reaching too far...and callahan arg being our 2nd best goal scorer on the 4th line just doesnt make matter how you try to find him more min in speacial teams hes just to important to get so few 5x5 mins

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