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11-28-2006, 02:32 AM
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Originally Posted by XXXX View Post
I sleep 3hrs a day and have ADD, which lets me multitask and do a ton of things at once and pretty much do the amount of work of 2 people and my boss knows it and it's the reason i got the promotion which let's me drive a nicer car. Now if i wasn't going bald, have permanent bags under my eyes, and have the remaining hair i do have going white, i'd actually attempt to brag and make it seem all glamorus and cool.

Minivan? you guys are kidding right? Bonk drives a Land Rover.
No, its just me

I couldn't make it out in that pic

On a more serious note, 3 hours a day sleep? Man, thats unbeleivable.

There's gotta be SOMETHING you can do about it though

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