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10-03-2013, 05:57 AM
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Originally Posted by smoneil View Post
You basically listed a slew of teams who finished below the Rangers last year.
I basically listed 5 teams finishing above the Rangers and four teams who were level or within a point (including Detroit and Columbus) and look to have improved more roster wise, IMO.
With the Rangers that's 10 teams and there are 8 playoff spots. You could start there.

Plus I mentioned Philly who had a horrible year and are most often better than the Rangers, plus that I think the SE bottom dwellers of last season will be much better this year for many reasons. Ravaged by injuries last year in the case of Florida and Carolina and Tampa have a lot of talent on their roster. Buffalo might be better also, as I said I cant really judge them. That is not saying they will be better than the Rangers - only that there is usually some teams seeing a marked rebound or detour. After all New Jersey, Philly and Florida all had decent showings in the playoffs in 11-12 only to fail spectacularly last season.

As for Washington.... I saw their game at Chicago, and I think they will be a very strong team again after a few years with A.O below par, Backstrom with injuries and them replacing their coach. Sure, better division will have consequences most likely, but not necessarily only bad ones.

As for your arguments about the NY roster.... I honestly don't care about those kids before they show something, and virtually every team can say they have kids coming in, usually with higher pedigree talents than yours. Then the injury stuff.... I think the Rangers have been remarkably fortunate with their injury situation for years, and last year with Staal and Sauer was one of the only exceptions. It is nothing compared to what many other teams have been facing, and in any event injury problems... that's an issue for later - none of us know who will fall victim at this point and to which extent.

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