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10-03-2013, 05:13 AM
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Originally Posted by RustE View Post
well, now that the regular season roster is in, what do you think?

Joensuu looks like a great find
Acton... not bad. solid
Gazdic... too early, but first impression is he might be just what we've needed for a while.
Gordon is solid. not any better than Horcoff, but he won't ***** and go to Katz if he is on the 3rd line.
the bottom 6 is better than last year.

Ference is solid but is never going to set the world on fire.
Belov looks like to be a good, solid top 4, possibly better.
the D corp is better than last year.

Peron looks to be a very good pick up. major upgrade on Paajarvi

the team already looks to be more tenacious under Eakins then they ever did under Kruger.

a few strange moves, like signing SMac, but I'm OK with it.

overall, Mact looks to have improved the team, but he should have addressed the C position. that might (probably will) cost him a playoff spot.
A lot of positives in the changes made by MacT this summer. Importantly, he has not given up any significant pieces, although I still think Paajarvi could become a reasonably good NHL player. However, that is not set in stone and Perron is already a high quality, offensive threat on the ice, who shows up offensively every night.
  • Perron is an skill player, who plays with more jam than I expected.
  • Joensuu is a great signing. He's the exact type of player that the team has lacked.
  • Belov is solid on the blueline, has a great first pass, and has a reputation for hard hitting, although we have not yet seen too much of it. I think as Belov becomes more comfortable with the North American game, he'll add that dimension.
  • Grebeshkov was one of my favourite Oilers a few years back. He's never been able to entirely shake the chaos from his game, but god, he was good in 08-09.
  • Eakins still seems like the right guy for the job in this situation.
  • Also, Hemsky seems reborn. He's a fun player to watch again.

    MacT has made a series of improvements to this club, and I'm confident that he'll continue to mould this club throughout the season as opportunities arise. In four short months, he's already filled a significant number of the holes on this roster and having yet to make a deal that mortgages the future. So far, it's hard not to like the changes that he's made. It's all upgrading.

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