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11-28-2006, 06:41 AM
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As a player, that's not for you to decide.
Yes, it's not for me to officially decide but everyone is going to draw up their own assumptions on a biased referee whether someone likes it or not, especially one who lets a checking from behind go in a non-contact league. There is no way I will get smoked, have the ref see it or least hear it without a doubt, struggle to breathe, have no call and then think - "Ouch, but wait, I am totally impartial to judging whether or not that is a good or bad referee. I feel neither negative or positive feelings towards him, only the love of this game." You can't stop players thinking what they want to even if it isn't their place to decide. If you disagree with their thoughts, fine, but they are still going to think them regardless.

Whoever told the referee to meet him in the parking lot is at fault. No questions asked.

If I got threatened in the parking lot, I would leave the game too. I wouldn't give a rats *** who is playing. Uttering threats, of a severe nature, is another thing that as a rec league ref, I wouldn't hesitate to have the cops lay on a player.
Fair enough, but I guess my main thinking was why let one idiot spoil it for the other 29? I'd like to think if I were a ref, I would finish the game, and then if the guy isn't all talk, I'm sure my linesmen and other players would help me out. I think involving the police on a verbal threat is a bit over the top though. Of course I've never reffed a game so perhaps I would just do what you said you would.

By the way I've been seriously thinking about taking up reffing when I get back to Hong Kong. I think it would be cool to see the game from a different perspective. Any tips?

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