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07-31-2003, 07:37 PM
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Name: Eric
Age: 23
Married? Nyet
Occupation: Law student with deigns on being NHL Commissioner someday...why not?
Jerseys Owned: Leafs: blank away jersey, white #16 Borschevsky that I got 10 years ago for my 13th birthday and still wear, since been signed...and the Russ Courtnall #9 jersey I got when I was five. Too small now though.
Favourite Food: meat.
Favourite Band/Musician: Pearl Jam. 7 times this summer, bay-bee.
Favourite Leaf Moment: Gilmour's goal from behind the net against STL...I was right there with him.
Favourite Current Leaf: Doug Gilmour (does he count as current?)
Favourite All Time Leaf: Nik Borschevsky/Russ Courtnall (tie)

Fondest Pre-Nuke HF Memory: Quinn heading out the door
What you're looking for Post nuke: Quinn never leaving

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