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10-03-2013, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Yeah, Dallas has a funny take on toi that forwards can endure in the NHL. He vastly overestimates it actually.
One unfortunate byproduct is we will see some players overextended and some with not enough minutes. I also expect shift durations to increase under Eaikns which is not a good thing. Krueger was very consistent in expecting short energy shifts.
So you are arriving at conclusions about how Eakins operates as an NHL coach and comparing him to Kruger after just 1 game.
Surely you see how flawed that is?

Dallas is quoted yesterday suggesting that Hall should be able to play 27-28mins/night. That any forward in half decent shape should be able to. I think with this Eakins is wrong and is underestimating the battle and energy required in the NHL vs lesser leagues. Hall played 23 mins last night and that was too much for him.
I think we need to read between the lines here. Its not that surprising that there is going to be some discomfort for certain players while RNH and Gagner are out of the lineup. Eakins has 1 legit NHL centre at this point in time. I think he is just positioning this is such a way that projects that the team will be able to get by with what they have.
I dont think Hall will ever see 27-28 minutes a night but I do think he should be able to handle 23 minutes on a short term basis and 20 -22 minutes over the course of the season. Thats what the best forwards in the game play on average so it shouldn't be an issue for Hall once he is in his natural position which isnt centre.

Some learning curves ahead but why do new guys so often try to reinvent the wheel? Maybe Eakins could take a peak at the amount of forwards in the NHL hovering around 27mins toi in regulation time games..

Smyth was overused yesterday, quite simple, and got worse as the game went along. The penalty being absolutely a result of Smyth being gassed on that particular shift.
I agree that Smyth had too much ice time and I am sure Eakins knows that as well. Maybe the message needs to get through to Smyth....its possible he may believe something different. If that was the case hopefully Smyth has seen the light and doesnt need any further evidence.
I think we agree that Smyth can still be an effective player if he plays closer to 10 minutes a night.
I dont see Eakins as a slow learner....I am confident that he will sort through this.
Lets give him at least 2 games.

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