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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I know no one is saying that he would be a superstar...but how many more points do you think he would get if he played with guys like Read and Simmonds? Ten more? Twenty more? More than that? Less than that? It isn't going to really revolutionize his game unless he goes from Rinaldo and Rosehill to the Sedin Twins.

Just putting him out there with the likes of Read and Simmonds isn't going to make the difference you are hoping for. Yes, his scoring would go up. Last year he was on pace for around 30 points. I honestly don't think putting him out there with Read and Simmonds is going to turn him into a 60 point player...or even a 50 point player. My projection would probably be somewhere in the 40s. I don't have any problem with that if his defense remains at a high level, and maybe you don't either. But it seems like some people here think that putting him with better linemates would drastically increase his point total (not to the point of superstardom, but it seems like people would expect a drastic increase)...which I don't think it would.
Maybe it wouldnt make him a superstar but if a guy goes from 27-28 points a year for 2 straight seasons to 45 points, that is a pretty drastic increase. That's a 60+% increase in scoring. That basically makes him Matt Read but at 20 years old which I'm pretty sure everyone would be happy with and thrilled about his development.

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