Thread: Denmark: Danes in the NHL 2013-14
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10-03-2013, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Bank View Post
He's gonna owe a couple of semesters with this kinda play. Had he played in on an American team I'd sue him for damaged(A lost career)

Haven't really either but something with the pads being smaller, more room behind the nets and properly something more.

Coach: "You are late for practice again and arrive tired"
Bank: "It's Lars Eller's fault, he is just so damn good he keeps up all night" or if you are cheeky "I'm practicing my bat echo-localization".

Yep to bad he plays in Canada then - no money back for spilling hot coffee in your own lap while watching NHL

Anyways thanks for the link. Seems it's only a minor leg pad correction (~2 inches shorter on each leg pad). Anyways maybe in the future they could downsize the catching gloves a bit as well - they are pretty huge, like if you were going fishing

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