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10-03-2013, 11:23 AM
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Originally Posted by shogun99 View Post
What would the Blues want from Edmonton? I don't think you guys want salary back, so prospects/draft picks. Labarbera needs some competition for the starter job.
To all those over reacting fans to his 5 goals against game.

It is clear you have zero clue how many 4 + goal games a goalie has in a season.
Since dubnyk became starter for the oilers:
The best
1. Lundquist 9%
2. Anderson 11%
3. Dubnyk 12%

The third best goalie at giving his team 3 or less goals against.
The last three years the only goalie with even save % of better than .920.

We might want to worry about getting our shots against from 32.8 per game #29 into the top 10
28 shots per game.
That way one of only 8 starters to have above average save% the last three years the 6 th best in the game at .917 can get a ga that goes from 2.57 ga/Gm to 2.24 ga/Gm.

Look into some performance history before flying off the handle.
Does he give us 4+ ga games. Sure!
Usually they are 5+
But the guy is one of the best at giving us a chance to win most nights.

I will guess it is shots against.

Unless you believe Boston, NY Rangers, Canucks, Chicago defence gave up more high scoring % shots than our defence that gave up the 2nd most shots the last three years.
3 of the last 4 cup winers and aconf finalist.

Really people!

Learn the game!
The trite he gives up the bad goal!
Every goalie does and dubnyk gives us more chances to win!
Facing the 2nd most shots.
That's right you guys are the ones that's thinks our d is better than Boston, rangers, Blackhawks, Canucks.

Do not use wins to measure a goalie.
They do not score goals 50% of the game.
Do not use Goals against to measure a goalie.
The variance in shots / game affect is 60% of goals against.
The goalie can stop the pucks that get to the net.
it is 40% of Goals against.
20% of winning.
Dubnyk the best at even.

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