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10-03-2013, 12:49 PM
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First of all, stop flaming posters for their opinions. Our discussions here are meant to be about hockey, not about members. Debate the post, but do not talk about the poster. At all. It's either off topic or it's flaming. If predshab wants to talk about trades or free agency signings that is perfectly fine and well within the purpose of this board. If you want to talk about predshab, don't do it here. If you disagree then construct an argument that does not bring the poster into it.

Second, we are not holding Weber against his will. He willingly signed an offer sheet. We matched it. He willingly plays hockey. We pay him for it. If he wants to leave he can retire, or he can demand a trade and see how that goes.

Third, there are 29 other teams in this league. Our chances of signing big name free agents isn't great to begin with just because of that. Yes, we are in a town that is non-traditional when it comes to hockey, but there are other perks to making large sums of money in Tennessee. Sometimes players want to go to specific locations. That doesn't mean Nashville being a non-traditional market is going to kill our attractiveness for all free agents. Sometimes we just have to be patient and realize not every summer or trade deadline is going to be worthy of a party.

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